Less Nessman
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Less Nessman Historia

Less Nessman came together in Fall 2002 when Adam and Sam were kickin' at Funkadelic Studios in New York City. Sam had a friend who worked with a drummer named Jim, a.k.a. "Hoppy." So Hoppy got invited down to jam. Then one night Adam ran into Naomi at their mutual friend's party. Adam had his acoustic guitar with him and he and Naomi jammed the night away. So Naomi got invited down to the studio. She belted out her original "Blank Pages" while Adam layed in a lead line. Instant Karma.

The trio of Naomi, Adam, and Hoppy had their debut gig in Hoppy's loft on New Years Eve 2002. They continued to perform together for a year and then Naomi met bassist Ari Gold. The four members rocked out and in April 2004 they recorded the band's first CD, Bird's Eye View, at Vibromonk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The all original 8 song disc includes guests on piano, keyboards, and back-up vox, and was produced by Adam and Naomi. Following the recording, Ari decided to pursue World music, so the band sought a new bass player and found the talent of Edwin Alvarado.

Along with Edwin and back-up vocalists Denna Neil and Franny Silverman, the band has lived it up in venues around New York City, Washington D.C., Connecticut, and Chicago. In Fall 2005 drummer Hoppy rolled on to other frontiers in life, so Edwin brought in drummer Michael Lawler, and the band continued to gig while writing and performing new material.

In April 2006 the band entered Studio Forever recording studio in Manhattan to lay down tracks for their next CD. After Lawler finished his drum parts he headed off to India to spread music and religion. Adam and Naomi finished production on 8 new studio tracks and released their sophomore album, Nevertheless, in April 2008, which also includes 2 live acoustic selections.

Ladies and Gentleman, Less Nessman!


NAOMI LESS, Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Who says white Jewish suburban girls can’t sing the blues? Think of Aretha and Dusty hanging out with Melissa Ethridge and you’ll hear Naomi Less’ voice. While her formal music training was in piano and voice at Northwestern University, Naomi broke the classical chains, taught herself guitar and began songwriting as a release and expression of her spirituality. This diva turned song-leader strapped a guitar on her back and traveled across the country and as far as Israel to turn kids on to religion through music. Now a committed blues-rocker, she moves audiences with her powerful vocal scats and open heart. In a world where the “existential questions begin to drown,” Naomi turns that futility on its head by challenging her fans to “spread (their) love” to everyone in the room.

Adam ADAM STEIN, Lead Guitar, Vocals

Adam has been playing guitar for over 20 years. His style ranges from melodic rock to jazz, from blues rock to jam. Growing up in Kansas City he took piano lessons from the family choir director, listened to his brother's Rush and Triumph albums, made his Dad take him to see Journey, and then immediately picked up the guitar to form The Wonder Bread Men. After college at KU and a band called Entropy, he moved to New York City and has played acoustic rock over poetry in Backwards Dog Religion, intense noise in the trippy gig Red Rover, and alt-rock in Marge. Adam makes a pastime of attending major rock concerts and is inspired by Neal Schon, Rik Emmett, Michael Hedges, John Mclaughlin, SRV, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, and the String Cheese Incident.
Les Less Nessman derived their name from a combination of Les Nessman, the TV Weatherman from the 70's sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati (played by Richard Sanders) and the name of lead singer Naomi Less. While we tend to focus on our music and are not completely versed in United States copyright law, we hope that Mr. Sanders is a kind, non-litigious gentleman.
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