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Jonathan Adam Ross
a.k.a. JAR
- dedicated Less Nessman fan -

Jonathan's Gig Report to some other fans who missed this show at a great club in NYC called
R and R, which used to be Rare, and years ago in the mid 90's was The Cooler.

See Jonathan in his own production, Walking in Memphis: The Life of a Southern Jew, which is being performed now in New York City for an eight week limited off off broadway run at The Abingdon Theatre!

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Fan Gig Report: R and R - December 1, 2005
by Jonathan Adam Ross


thanks for the email buddy. last night was really great. i've included the gig report i sent to amy abrams and ronen glimmer for you to read at the end of this email. the info for my show can be found at www.jonathanadamross.com and i can't wait to see y'all there.

again, last night was one of the best gigs of yours i've seen. and the quality of the instrument playing was the best ever. really. the new drummer kicks ass, and the guitars were rocking last night.

hope all is well and thanks for the plug.

Gig Report
as filed by JAR to Amy and Ronen

Reason: gig was past Amy's bedtime
Location: the new R & R club on 14th st. and 9th ave.

A spanky, remodeled club, the R & R was a wonderful venue for a concert. Plenty of seating space (the bar being in another room altogether), and also plenty of dancing space; though Paula Stein was not in attendance due to a work trip, so JAR danced alone. (the use of the third person is an editorial choice and should not be mocked).

The crowd was thin but enthusiastic with celebrity appearances by Marc Goldsmith - with a girlfriend?, Michelle Levy - who didn't remember me, and (awkward) the former drummer, Jim, who seemed enthusiastic if not bittersweet about the band's current success with their new drummer who rocks.

The mailing list was actually substantially filled by crowd members due to David Wolkin's plea that it was his fiancee up there singing and if he didn't get names on the clipboard she might terminate the engagement. David's plea was made all the more convincing due to the pirate outfit worn by the diva herself - miss less. She did look hot, but menacing.

Now to the music -

The band unveiled all new intros to their songs last night. Really great stuff. And they did 2 songs liked together twice during the show that made for really nice, long Phish-esque riffs and rambles that would have been even more satisfying had i been drinking. But as it was, they were great. And to top it off, the band did a version of Son of a Preacher that went above and beyond any cover i'd ever experienced (having been to nearly 20 gigs over the past 4 years). It was original in its interpretation, passionate in its performance, and i was sitting next to an enthusiastic male audience member who after watching miss less perform that song, needed to have worn looser pants.

All in all, it was a great gig. Not to be missed - except by those who need their sleep.

Tune in to your email inbox in two weeks when we bring you a review from the band's appearance at MAKOR: The American Center for Lame Jewish Matchmaking.

-Jonathan Adam Ross


Internet Radio: Radio Crystal Blue - ongoing
DJ Dan Herman

Dan Herman regularly spins Less Nessman selections from Bird's Eye View. He has described Less Nessman's music as "...a mix of rock, blues, and good 'ol fashion soul."

Download a snippet of his commentary and the airing of "Bucklemack and The Bro," the 4th track from Bird's Eye View.

Bucklemack on RCB
(right click and "Save Target As")

Dan comments that the song Bucklemack "...was so dense it was cool."

More about Radio Crystal Blue: Now in its 5th year, Radio Crystal Blue presents an outstanding collection of indie and up-and-coming talent from most genres, most locales, and the Internet at large. RCB takes its name from the Tommy James tune. It's a free webcast available on Live365 and is DJ'd by Dan Herman every Sunday night 7 pm to 1am EST.




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Les "I love Less Nessman! They ROCK!"
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