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Review: The Lemon - March 29, 2004
by Janis Tate, Indie Music Explosion

"LESS NESSMAN's live performance brought me back to when I used to go to Wetlands in NYC when it first opened. You'd see bands like Blues Traveler, The Bogmen, Blind Melon and all the newest bands on the scene right before they got their big record deals. The kind of bands that made you a follower of their music from the first minute you heard them. LESS NESSMAN is that kind of band.

With their brand of "don't be afraid to groove" jam rock/blues combined with a dash of pop melodies, they waste no time getting the audience hooked into their vibe and music with an upbeat tune complete with guitar jam and hooks. From then on it's pure musical magic. Nothing seems rehearsed, planned, plotted or preconceived. The work of true musicians. The work of a true band.

There were many highlights in this concert, but my favorite must of been when lead singer Naomi Less and lead guitarist Adam Stein traded off licks. Him on guitar and her with vocals. He'd lay it out and she'd dish it right back. They did this with grace and attitude.

In full review, I am now a LESS NESSMAN fan and I'd suggest you check them out as soon as they're in your neck of the woods. Hopefully, we'll be able to catch them in the lineup of an outdoor festival somewhere.... that would surely be a show of theirs to catch!"

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